West Virginia has moved forward on many fronts; however, there is much more needed to be done.  That is why a proven experienced voice supporting conservative West Virginia values is critical at this stage and why I’m asking you to re-elect me to the WV State Senate to keep WV moving forward


Elections continue to be about Economic Development and JOB creation. As a businessman and a small business owner, I know the backbone for job creation is lower taxes, less regulation, and an educated and strong workforce.  Our state and local economies are on a positive trend with many new company and existing company expansion announcements. There is much more to accomplish. We must continue to be proactive in creating employment opportunities in West Virginia through incentivizing businesses to protect our current job base, as well as, creating opportunities to add new employees. These opportunities are best created through legislation that is introduced and supported by experienced business people like myself. I commit to you that I will work to improve a job creating environment in West Virginia.   We need proven leaders with the experience to drive our economy forward.


In my legislative leadership rolls and collaboration with other members, I have supported and led the effort to slow the growth of and reduce the waste in government spending. During my legislative experience in the House and, most recently, in the Senate we have created spending transparency, we have reduced waste by improving efficiencies, and we have reduced costs and burdensome regulation by implemented sunsetting of regulations and implementing cost benefit analysis.  Thus, we need to keep those with the proven track record and breadth of understanding to ask the right questions, challenge those in government positions, and work to build on our trends of right sizing government.

Investing in West Virginia Energy and Infrastructure

I strongly support and have demonstrated leadership in voting to improve the production of coal, oil, natural gas, and timber. As we continue to develop cost effective alternative energy sources, we cannot turn our back on those resources that have allowed us to have affordable electricity and heating rates.  I have consistently worked and supported increased investment in our WV roads, water, sewer, and now, broadband.  Creating new funding sources has increased investment and improved our infrastructure; however, there remains much more to do.  Thus, we need to keep a proven and experienced policy maker that understands the needs, listens and works with decision makers to secure results.


An educated and trained workforce is a primary ingredient for creating and growing jobs:

  • I support and have voted for improvements in K-12 preparation for college or technical trades.
  • I support and have voted for teacher pay raises and also support rewarding teachers for improved results and teaching techniques.
  • I support the PROMISE scholarship and would support ways to incentivize and work with businesses to keep more of our graduates at home.
  • I support and have voted for improving operating efficiencies in our school system that includes reducing absenteeism, improving disciplinary standards, and most of all, providing extra support in our classrooms.
  • I support and have voted for more local control at our county boards and schools.
  • I support ways we can better train our current workforce as well as providing training opportunities for new job skills.


  • I support and have voted for increasing health care access for our elderly and needy.
  • I support and have voted for reducing costs for all West Virginia citizens, especially those on lower and fixed incomes.
  • I support and have voted for improving operating efficiencies in our Department of Health and Human Resources to cut costs, increase transparency, and improve delivery of services.


  • I support and have voted for the largest personal income tax reduction in state history.
  • I support and have voted for the reduction and elimination of tax on Social Security and Veterans Retirement income.
  • I support and have voted for reduction and elimination of tax on business inventory and personal property, including the elimination of tax on personal autos.


I support the 2nd amendment to our constitution that protects the rights of people to keep and bear arms and I have received an A rating and the endorsement of the NRA.  I think here you could put in your grade A as well.

Right to Life

I support the right to life and have been endorsed by the West Virginian’s for Life.

Contact Eric

I’d welcome hearing from you and can be reached by calling 304-343-5156 or sending an e-mail to eric@ericnelsonforwv.com.